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You Deserve to Fly in Style.

Private jet rental services: personalized and flexible as they should be.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Maui. We are here to help you with the evacuation in any way we can.

Types of Aircraft We Offer

From light jets and midsize jets to ultra-long-range jets to turboprop aircraft, we tailor every trip to your preferences to provide you with the best and best value options.

Since we are unrestricted by the size of our fleet, the aircraft models, or availability for a specific day, we can offer our clients "à la carte" experiences adapted to their needs and desires.


Any Destination

We offer private jet charter flights to and from any destination in the world, such as Los Angeles, London, Dubai, or Bermuda, in any size aircraft, with as little as 4 hours' notice.

You may contact us with your itinerary and access 4000 of the world's safest and most reliable private jets available for hire – our expert staff is available 24/7 for private jet prices and advice.

General Pricing

Unlike some of our competitors, Paramount Business Jets doesn't offer a fixed price per hour but an all-inclusive pricing that includes the aircraft costs, potential positioning and repositioning, landing and parking fees, and taxes (when applicable) with one of the lowest management fees in the industry.

This allows Paramount Business Jets to offer clients dynamic pricing based on market availability and customer preferences for a specific date while usually saving on costs for any given trip.

Gentleman Smiling on Private Jet

Paramount Business Jets

We are the most honest and straightforward private jet rental service you will find. We offer old-fashioned values of integrity combined with a high level of competence in what we do. Doing the right thing is more important than money at Paramount Business Jets. We have built a 5-star reputation over the last 18 years, and our clients love us.

Simply tell us where you are going, and we will take care of the rest. You deserve to fly private and arrive in comfort and style. We provide traveling standards you won't reach with commercial air travel.

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Business people embarking from private jet

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Personalized Services

At Paramount Business Jets, you can rent any size jet out of many aircraft types for every occasion, on a per-trip basis - whether to organize birthdays, weddings, or corporate events, or take a quick holiday. Our goal is to provide you with a wide variety of the best private jet charters to choose from, and further tailor the services provided on that specific aircraft to best meet your trip requirements.

Your personal jet rental advisor will get to know your preferences since you will have one main point of contact, someone whom you can reach practically at a moment's notice. We will build a profile of your flying likes and dislikes on our internal CRM system, allowing us to know your preferences and always add and improve the personalized services we provide you and your guests for your next private plane rental.

Food Partnerships and Offerings

Depending on the aircraft size, region of the world, or country of registration of the airplane selected, operators offer clients a vast array of food from snacks and beverages to VIP catering.

As customer representatives, we work with both the clients and the operators to tailor a menu that will fit the client's needs and preferences. Should the operator be unable to accommodate the customer's wishes, our sales team will work with both catering chains and brokers or local restaurants to offer our clients the best quality culinary experience onboard any given airplane at the lowest cost possible.

What Makes Us Different from Others?

We Are Ethical and Honest

For the past 18 years, Paramount Business Jets has taken great pride in offering our clientele the most ethical, honest, fair, and competent private jet charter flight service. In an industry that doesn’t have the best reputation in terms of transparency, we believe that being fair and ethical with our clients and providers has allowed us to be considered as reference and market leader when it comes to private jet charter with 4 nominations in the Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in the US.

We Are Transparent

We were the first private jet rental service to introduce a fully transparent jet card pricing model. For the first time, clients were able to see what the markup of the provider was when they rented a private jet. We also made all the safety margins of the aircraft and the operator's wholesale price fully transparent to our clients before each flight.

We Give Back

We feel privileged and fortunate to work in a vibrant and luxurious industry but never forget to give back to less fortunate communities through the “Best You Best Me” dedicated to doing random acts of kindness, a foundation with financial and event organizations in local Virginia communities and abroad.

We Support the Environment

We pioneered an open-source Private Jet Carbon Offset Calculator for travelers interested in purchasing offsets to reduce their carbon footprints. This tool lets you see a selection of the best jets for a given flight in terms of CO2 emissions. We want to make carbon offset easier for everyone in our industry while letting our clients lower their emissions without downsizing their comfort level for charter flights.

We Care About the Details

Whether our clients need a small or very long trip for business or pleasure, our team of competent and seasoned experts will make sure that every single detail is taken care of to offer the safest, most luxurious, and VIP experience on any given trip. Paramount Business Jets was built on family values where we care for each other, for our clients and providers, and also for our communities. What’s important to you is important to us!

Luxury VIP Options

Paramount Business Jets offers its clients the utmost VIP experience on any given trip. We provide services such as ground transportation to and from the airports; a comprehensive and tailored selection of aircraft at the best value possible; gourmet in-flight catering; or special services for specific occasions (birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, etc.), ramp access where our customers will be able to drive directly to/from the airplane without going through a terminal (when available) or long security lines - all of this and more to make your next trip a luxurious and VIP experience.

From a 100-mile trip on a turboprop, midsize jet, or very light jet to a 10-hour trip on a Boeing 737 VIP with cabin attendants, private suites, and bathrooms with showers, our sales team ensures that our clients receive stellar VIP service on any domestic and international travel experience.

Many Years of Experience

Ever since our inception, we have hired our staff with competency and ethics in mind. The combined aviation experience of our team at Paramount Business Jets exceeds 100 years of experience. Our company has provided discerning clients with outstanding private jet rental services for nearly 20 years. Please see for yourself and read what our clients are saying about us.

Over the years, we have learned the details of what makes renting a private jet more reliable and how to deliver the best value for our clients. We have decades of high-volume domestic and international private charter flights experience and a team that is dedicated to being your advocate in the marketplace.

We know how to find you the safest and most reliable aircraft options when others are unable. We are often the go-to company for other providers and operators when they need a trusted source to rent a private jet for their clients. Our reputation for fairness and competency is no secret in the private aviation industry.

Membership Benefits

Travel in the most luxurious private charter planes at significant savings, with as little as 4 hours notice, no black-out dates, and 24/7 access to your personal charter advisor and flight department. The Paramount Private Jet Card Membership model is unique and offers quality at the best price.


Our membership model at Paramount Business Jets is as straightforward as it gets. There are no membership cancelation fees or minimum usage requirements to fly private; therefore, the funds or hours don’t expire. And you are not locked into a particular aircraft type or category, and you have expert service worldwide.


Over the years, we have put together our favorite operators and planes to create the ultimate private jet charters to rent in the world. This curated list is based on operator safety margins, our client, advisor, and accounting department experiences with these operators as well as the track record of previous private flights on respective jets.


You will have direct access to your own dedicated highly knowledgeable private aviation expert to answer any of your questions and address your specific flight details, in addition to our customer support team available 24/7.


What makes our membership model highly unique is that it’s the first jet card membership to be completely transparent concerning all operator and aircraft safety margins before every flight. And it's also the first jet card membership that allows the client to see the charter broker's exact markup on every single charter flight.

Private Jet Rental with the Highest Standards

Paramount Business Jets was created to deliver a higher standard of safety, ethics, and transparency in the private jet rental industry.

About Our CEO

Paramount Business Jets was founded in New York City by pilot Richard Zaher. He attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Studies. He has worked in the aviation industry for nearly a quarter of a century.

Our CEO left another private jet rental company where he learned what not to do and started his own company in 2005 because he believed there was a need for a jet charter company to set a higher standard. By adopting a fully transparent policy centered around the clients’ needs, Paramount Business Jets quickly established itself as an industry leader.

Zaher was on the Air Charter Association of North America board supporting the DOT to enhance protections for charter flight consumers, which ultimately led to the Notice of the Proposed Rulemaking becoming regulatory requirements for brokers as Part 295 requires all charter brokers to certain disclosure requirements.

Furthermore, Zaher is the recipient of the Eagle Excellence Award from Embry Riddle for his achievements in the private aviation industry. Paramount Business Jets holds one of the highest accreditations among private jet rental companies in the US. And we support our environment by making carbon offset easier for everyone in our industry.

Culture of Integrity

Our company started with two virtues in mind: competency and ethics. We were built to do good in the private aviation industry and this planet from the start. The team at Paramount has shared values where money is not the most important thing. We take great pride in doing right for everyone who comes our way.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations by going the extra mile and delivering a service beyond their expectations, saving them time and money while delivering exceptional and safe equipment and experience.

When the unexpected occurs, such as a mechanical or our client needs to cancel due to an illness or urgent matter, we go out of our way to represent the best interest of our clients in the marketplace. We represent our clients with honesty and integrity and never take advantage of the situation.

At Paramount Business Jets, we know that a private jet broker is not any good, regardless of how talented or experienced they may be, if they are not honest or ethical. At Paramount, we are in it for the long haul, and we know the difference between good and bad profits.

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What Our Customers Say

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Your company has a new fan! Super job, made my engagement, and the carrier was superb!


You got that business because you were the quickest with feedback and follow up. I actually searched on at least half a dozen sites, but you were the first human being to react and persist.


Yes, we are back in Gerona with my son. We enjoyed the flight. Nice crew, very kind Nina, and perfect food and drink. You're caring and following exceptional. Thank you. I will renew this experience with you.


Yes, all is wonderful! The trip was so smooth and great! The pilot and co-pilot were so nice! The food was great and the aircraft the perfect size.


Wow, Wow, OMG, thank you so much. It was out of this world. They had so much fun, we will do it again sometime this year. Cheers.


WOW What a plane, thought I was living large on a Hawker 800 instead of a 400 but you really raised the bar for me this time. Thank you so much. You now have ALL of my business.


The flight was great, and the crew was awesome. I will definitely reach out to you in the future for travel arrangements. Have a great week.


We had a great flight with Matthew and Daniel. I am very happy with Paramount and your service. I will definitely use it again.


The flight was flawless! The pilots were great and very professional. Thank you for making this happen.



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