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Looking for safe and reliable private jet charter services that will allow you to travel in style for business or pleasure?

Paramount offers a wide range of charter services available around the clock, and around the world.

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We’ve included information and resources on this site to help you understand and take advantage of all the benefits of air charter — and see what sets Paramount apart from many other brokers.

Use the aircraft model smart tool to compare private jets by cabin size, interior configuration, cost per hour, and other important factors. You can also get a quote from us on the cost of any charter trip simply by filling out the Charter Quote form.

You’ll find additional details in our FAQs, and you can always call our charter team 24/7 to get an immediate answer to your questions.

The Way You’ve Always Wanted to Travel!

Do you ever think about enjoying a perfect trip, a journey beyond expectations, whether for a family vacation, traveling to a business meeting, or visiting relatives amidst the holiday bustle — an experience you now only dream about? The fact is, air charter makes that dream journey a reality for travelers just like you thousands of times a day. And air charter — whether on an ultra-long range jet, a light jet, or a turboprop — can do it for you tomorrow, or any other time you want to travel.

Jet charter can take you where and when you want to go in the quickest, most convenient, most comfortable,

and safest manner possible. In a time of new appreciation for the things that matter in our lives, more people have discovered the benefits of traveling by private charter make it an incomparable value. That’s especially true when arranged by a brokerage that has the knowledge, standards, and business relationships to ensure customers have access to the best aircraft choices available, at a fair price. Paramount, with a curated list of more than 4,000 vetted aircraft we utilize for jet charters, can always source the perfect aircraft, no matter where in the world you’re flying to or from with as little as 4 hours of notice.

Who Uses Private Jet Charter Services?

Paramount Business Jets' clients primarily request corporate and private jet flights. However, we also offer a wide range of specialized charter services including, but not limited to, the following:
On-Demand Private Jet Charters

On-Demand Private Jet Charters

Need to fly? On-demand private jet charter booked one flight at a time, is typically the best solution, providing flexible, customized service with no long-term commitments We can arrange a charter trip that meets your budget, taste, and schedule, with as little as 4 hours' notice.

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Private Jet Group Travel

Private Jet Group Travel

When traveling with extended family, friends, or a large group of people to a destination of your choice, a private jet group charter, adding premium onboard service, personalized branding elements, and many other unique enhancements, adds a festive panache to your trip, ensuring the group will arrive in style anywhere in the world.

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Private Jet Card Membership

Private Jet Card Membership

Our private jet card membership offers a pre-paid program that gives you access to the finest and safest private jets in the world. You can charter any size aircraft on a per-trip basis with the least amount of commitment, cost, or long-term agreements. This offers a long-term cost-effective and flexible alternative to the traditional  25-hour Jet Cards and private jet memberships in the marketplace while earning your business one trip at a time.

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How Much Does It Cost

Looking for a Private Jet Rental Cost Estimate? Good to hear, because we have designed a Private Jet Rental Cost Tool.

It will help you to review price estimates of charter flights to and from any destination in the world, on any size aircraft. You can instantly compare charter prices among various private plane categories for the same routes.

Estimate Private Flight Prices

How To Book Private Jets And Charter Services Worldwide?

Are you wondering how to book a flight? It is really no big deal. We are going to guide you through the entire process below.

  1. Let us know your itinerary

    You may enter your trip itinerary in our online private jet charter quote system or email us, and we will get back to you. Please indicate if there is an urgency in the notes section or in the email itself. If you prefer to speak with one of our experienced aviation advisors, call us 24x7 at +1-877-727-2538 and press extension 1 to reach our on-call charter department.

  2. Review aircraft options

    As a private jet charter brokerage company with over 17 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the largest selection of the most premium and safe aircraft available on the market. Review and choose the aircraft based on the best value available on the market while considering factors such as safety ratings, year of production, refurbishment date, category, client reviews, and your personal preferences and price.

  3. Book your flight

    Use our simple booking process with DocuSign to sign off and conveniently pay for your trip with any major credit card or through a wire transfer. Once we receive your signed charter agreement and payment, we will immediately place a hold on the aircraft for the requested dates and confirm your reservation. You will have direct access to your personal aviation advisor, as well as to our accounting team, should you need any support during the process. Our quotes are all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees. Some services such as ground transportation or catering but also weather impacts such as de-icing, hangarage, rerouting will be charged separately.

  4. Bon Voyage!

    Customer service is where we shine, and we take great pride in making you happy by making sure all the flight details are taken care of as well as you and your guests receive the utmost VIP care. We love to make your experience with Paramount the best in the industry. From ground transportation to in-flight catering and special requests, our VIP service is personalized from door to door. We will follow your flight online and will be here for you the whole time.

Bottom Line Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Air charter provides benefits and advantages that make what one can be called a luxury, a real value. Convenience, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and productivity prevail in any air charter. Be sure to include these factors in your decision-making process when considering the cost of a leisure or business charter flight.


Air charter is free of the hassles travelers associate with commercial flights. Departures are from comfortable, uncrowded private terminals: no early check-in, no waiting to take off, and no cabin sharing. At most airports, you can drive right up to the jet if you prefer, be welcomed by the flight crew, and get onboard. Within minutes you are taxiing for departure, and your arrival is equally hassle-free and seamless. Paramount handles all the details so that you can enjoy the journey.


Charter can be a surprisingly economical travel solution per person. You can fly private from and to the airport closest to your departure and destination — which likely has no commercial service — saving significant ground transportation costs. Multi-city business trips requiring several nights’ accommodations when going by airline may be accomplished in a single day by a chartered jet.


Business jets are much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than the cabins of commercial aircraft. If you’re looking for even more, you can select an aircraft based on the cabin configuration and onboard entertainment system, including large-cabin jets that may be equipped with a galley and a stateroom with a full shower.


You can get more done when flying on a private charter than on an airline, one of the reasons aircraft are so important to the business world. Colleagues and team members can discuss the upcoming meeting or debrief afterward in comfort and privacy, without concerns about discussing sensitive information. Standard club seating arrangements allow face-to-face conversations across large, glossy tables designed as working surfaces.

Time Savings

Time is our most valuable and precious resource. Air charter minimizes its consumption, eliminating the delays, the prolonged processes, and all the added time and associated hassles that traveling commercially costs, time-wise. Factor in not just the savings in time, but in the stress that accompanies all those wasted hours and minutes.  

Peace of Mind

Concerns about the health of other travelers, passenger misbehavior, flight delays, and cancellations are among the commercial air travel issues that charters eliminate. You have the aircraft to yourself, and you know everyone onboard, providing peace of mind that adds to the serenity of the charter experience.

Discover The Most Traveled Private Jet Service Destinations

With Paramount Business Jets, you can fly all over the world and visit even the most exotic places that have small or private airports. Here you will find information about the most popular private jet destinations, which might be familiar to you or inspire you to visit.

Use our quote calculator to estimate private jet charter

What Sets Paramount’s Charter Services Apart?

Paramount Business Jets is dedicated to using our experience, skills, relationships, and determination to find our clients the right aircraft at the best value for each trip — Not the aircraft that makes the biggest profit for us. We provide our customers with the operators’ wholesale trip prices, along with our low fixed service fee, so our clients receive the best price in the market consistently, a level of quality and value unequaled in the charter community.

All brokers are obligated to act as an agent for their clients under the Department of Transportation’s “New Rule 295,” adopted in 2019 to end unfair and deceptive practices among air charter brokers. Paramount Business Jets has wholeheartedly embraced the role of acting completely on our client's behalf since we opened for business in 2005. The testimonials posted on this, and third-party websites, are all from real customers.

View Specifications Of The Most Popular Private Jet Charter Aircraft

Specification of the private jets might be helpful in choosing the right one for your journey, especially in terms of safety and comfort. Review the most popular luxury private jet charter aircraft on our offer and select the one that meets your needs. Do not worry, we made sure that the descriptions of the private aircraft are understandable to everyone.

Where Does the Paramount Source Charter Aircraft?

Paramount Business Jets sources aircraft for charter flights from a curated list of more than 4,000 high-quality aircraft, from trusted and vetted fleet operators adhering to the highest safety and customer experience standards. Our worldwide network provides you access to a full range of high-quality business aircraft from turboprops to ultra-long-range jets from/to wherever your journey takes you.

What Types of Charter Does Paramount Offer?

Paramount offers all types of Part 135, on-demandon demand air charter, both domestic and international service, on all categories of aircraft. We arrange our flights on a curated list of 4,000 vetted, high-quality business jets from top fleet operators, ensuring Paramount customers, safe, reliable transportation anywhere in the world. The jet fleet is complemented by our access to the complete spectrum of aircraft categories for hire, including turboprops, helicopters, seaplanes, VIP airliners, and air ambulances. We also offer our Paramount Jet Card; jet cards are basically a form of block charter with guaranteed access, though cards typically come with many additional features, as does ours.

What Role Does Safety Play at Paramount?

Our company motto, “Safety is Paramount” is more than a slogan — Safety is our core principle. Our in-house safety department conducts a comprehensive review and provides our clients with a safety report on their aircraft and crew before every charter flight. We couple our in-house safety screening procedures with third-party audit service reports from ARG/US and/or Wyvern — independent commercial auditors — providing an additional layer of checks and standards verification. We offer the added assurance of having long-term relationships with trusted operators of vetted, high-quality fleets, many of them adhering to additional safety certifications, such as IS-BAO (International Standards for Business Aviation Operations), together providing a firm foundation of safety for every Paramount jet charter.

Why Should I use a Charter Broker?

Brokers arrange charters through their contacts with multiple fleet operators, providing a large pool and a wide variety of aircraft to offer customers, offering many more options than any single fleet operator can. Quality brokers can also arrange charter flights anywhere in the world, simplifying your access to the entire globe.

Charter brokers vary widely in their experience and service levels, as do their prices and fees, booking policies, and other important details. Comparing the differences among brokers you’re thinking about working with will help you make the best choice.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Charter Broker?

Surprisingly, air charter brokers require no licensing or certification, and the field is largely unregulated. Anyone can host a website with enticing graphics and declare themselves a charter broker, without having any qualifications, training, oversight, or background check, in a business where single transactions easily run into tens of thousands of dollars or more.

But delivering consistent, high-quality charter experiences takes more than a website and a cell phone. It takes experience, knowledge, ethics, best practices, teamwork, great relationships and contacts, and great customer service. That makes it imperative to know the history and qualifications of a charter provider before you book your first flight. Consider these factors —

History and Experience

How long has the brokerage been in business? Who is on the team, and what is their experience? Does the broker regularly arrange charter flights on the route and with the type of aircraft appropriate for your planned flight? What is the safety record of the fleet operators they work with?  

Aircraft and Service Quality

Private jets can vary considerably in their cabin outfitting and equipment, as does the depth and quality of service a charter broker provides. What standards does the brokerage set for the aircraft it offers, and from what operators do the brokerage access the lift? What customer service is offered from booking through arrival, including contingencies for flight cancellations?

Pricing and Transparency

Charter costs are highly fluid, and rates vary among brokers. Ask to see invoices for recent flights mimicking your planned trip, and ask about any additional fees, mark-ups, and other costs that could be incurred. Do not shop by price alone; compare program rates along with the quality of the aircraft (e.g. average age of the airframes, how recently refurbished, cabin equipment), and the broker’s services.

Responsiveness and Cancellation Policies

One of the great benefits of the charter is its quick reaction time, always ready for an unplanned but suddenly critical trip. Not all brokers provide 24/7 service, and providers may require two or more days advance booking for a trip. Additionally, cancellation policies for charter flights, from advance notice required to penalties or fees, vary widely and can be substantial. See how a broker’s cancellation policies align with your travel profile and expectations.  

What is Jet Charter?

Jet charter is a paid private aircraft flight conducted under the regulatory authorization, arranged to meet the personalized travel needs of one or more customers. These bookings are also called Part 135 flights in the U.S. (for Part 135 of the FAA’s Federal Air Regulations, which govern charter flights), as well as “on-demand,” or “ad-hoc” charter, signifying the customized, unscheduled nature of these trips. Air charter allows travelers to choose the most suitable aircraft and schedule for each trip, without any financial commitment beyond the one flight, making this a flexible and economical access option. Charter does not, however, provide guaranteed access; during times of peak demand, few or no aircraft may be available for charter, and/or pricing may be significantly higher.

Who Invented Jet Charter?

No single individual started the air charter business. The roots of today’s charter industry go back to aviation’s Golden Era of the 1930s, when aircraft like the Spartan Executive and Howard DGA, with their sumptuous interiors, were favored by business leaders who appreciated the “go where you want when you want” freedom they afforded. Corporate aircraft use spread in the post-War years as many former military transports such as the Beechcraft B-18 and Douglas C-47 (the U.S. military version of the DC-3) were converted into executive transports.

Private jet charter began to appear in the early 1960s with the introduction of the first business jets, including the Lockheed JetStar and Learjet, but the fleet and charter availability was limited. It wasn’t until the 1990s that charter access really began to expand as the number of business jets, management companies, charter brokers, and other providers established the critical mass the field needed to grow. Meanwhile, the internet enabled simplified charter scheduling and booking across multiple fleets, even as new forms of access — fractional ownership, jet cards, and fleet membership programs — further expanded travelers’ available lift options, which served to create even more demand across all of them.

Today charter customers have a choice of chartered jets from among a global fleet exceeding 15,000 business aircraft, and thousands of brokerages that can book a flight, though the quality of the aircraft, and the brokerage services, can vary greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to charter a jet?

    Private jet charter prices vary based on the aircraft size, hourly rates, duration of the trip, as well as many other factors. Learn More.

  • How much luggage can I bring on a private jet?

    As a general rule of the thumb, each seat on a private jet can represent one large 23KG bag and 1 soft carry on. Learn more.

  • Do private jets come with Wi-Fi and is there additional cost?

    Most private jets in the USA do have Wi-Fi, and the charges for usage are free for domestic flights. However, when flying international the fees can become expensive. Learn more.

  • When Is On-Demand Charter better than buying a block of hours?

    On-Demand Charter offers lower rates than block hours and more aircraft flexibility. Learn more.

  • Can I place a special food order to be available in-flight?

    Yes, you can make a special order. Standard snacks and drinks are always available on-board. Our staff can also provide you with local menus to choose from. Learn more.

What Our Customers Say

Client satisfaction is one of the most important factors for us. We proudly present what our customers say about our services.

Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you some feedback – I got a chance to ask Daniel how the trip went with Paramount on Monday. He said that from the moment he arrived in Dublin all the way to his destination in Derry the service was unbelievable. He has taken private charters in the past and he said that this trip was by far the best he’d experienced, superior service.

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