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How Do Corporate Jet Charters Work?

With 24/7 access to support staff, scheduling a private jet charter with Paramount Business Jets will be the easiest part of your business travel. When you work with us, you can book your flight with as little as 4 hours of notice.

We have access to over 4,000 aircraft, so you’ll be able to find the right one for your company. Many people aren’t sure what to look for in an aircraft, which is why we’re here. We’ll discuss safety ratings, year of make, refurbishment date, interior configuration, customization, and your travel needs to find the right fit.

As you may already know, when you fly in a private jet, you’ll also have ten times more airports to choose from so we can get you a lot closer to your final destination. By picking the flight times, aircraft, airports, and your in-flight amenities, your business will have the exact flight that it needs.

Why Do Corporations Need Charter Flights?

Corporate jets not only offer the convenience and luxury of traveling on your schedule, free from the inconvenience and hassle of commercial airlines. They are also a valuable productivity tool used by thousands of individuals, organizations, and companies of all sizes around the globe.

Whether a company’s priorities include minimizing travel time between distant points, enhancing the efficiency and security of key personnel, or remaining nimble and successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace, corporate jets offer significant advantages for the companies and individuals operating on them. Advantages that other forms of transportation can’t match.

These forward-thinking organizations utilize business aircraft to gain a competitive advantage against their peers and to conduct business more efficiently. Perhaps most importantly, traveling onboard a private jet allows business people to meet with multiple vendors and customers in a single day, enabling the face-to-face contact essential for earning new business and growing their companies.

Don’t take our word for it, though, as these statements are backed up by hard data. You may be surprised by the extensive number of studies conducted by NEXA Advisors, The Harris Poll, and other respected firms detailing the importance of business aircraft.

Recent studies by these firms determined that:

  • Business aviation users represented 84% of all S&P 500 companies and accounted for 96% of total revenue.
  • Business aircraft users outperform non-users by 23% in revenue growth.
  • 98% of Fortune magazine’s Top 50 “World’s Most Admired Companies” use business aviation.

These studies were commissioned by the No Plane No Gain campaign, a joint advocacy effort by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Since 2009, No Plane No Gain has provided thousands of real-world examples of the indisputable value that business aircraft offer to companies of all sizes, particularly against competitors that don’t utilize private jets.

In 2018, several of these accounts were compiled in a publication titled “The Case for Business Aviation,” which also features statements from entities outside the aviation industry that clearly portray the advantages offered by the use of business aircraft.

The 4 Basic Advantages of Corporate Charter Flights

Be More Productive

Your employees shouldn’t have to give up work just because they’re traveling. If you have plans right after your flight, you’d ideally like to spend the duration of it preparing your employees. Many of the jets we have access to are ideal for corporate travel. These aircraft give your employees the space to work independently, or corporate jet charters easily create the perfect environment to ensure that all of your employees will be comfortable enough to be productive.

Access to More Travel Options

When you plan a flight with Paramount Business Jets, we give you the ability to oversee all the details of your trip. This allows you to travel the way you want to. To start, you’ll get to choose the dates and times to travel that fit best into your busy schedule. We’ll work with you to pick one of the many aircraft we have access to so that you have one that’s just right for your corporation. To make your trip as efficient as possible, we can plan your flight to a wide variety of airports all over the world. With access to so many airports, you can plan a trip with a private jet that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Work with a Dedicated Support Staff

We understand how stressful it can be to travel, but our services help to take on all the difficult planning aspects. When you work with Paramount jets, you’re getting only the best service available. Our support staff is available 24/7, so you can get in contact with someone whenever you need to. This gives you the peace of mind that everything regarding your flight is being taken care of properly. You’ll quickly see how dedicated we are to helping our clients travel comfortably.

Improve Your Company’s Image

No matter where you’re traveling to, a private jet will convey the same message. When anyone sees a private jet, they see a luxury that only the most successful people can enjoy. Chances are, many people will be looking into your corporation to see how it’s doing. To put your best foot forward, you need access to a private jet for your corporation. Clients, partners, and competitors will all easily see how well your corporation is doing.

“The bottom line is that business aviation is a vital tool for companies of all sizes, offering safe, secure, and flexible transportation worldwide while enhancing their competitiveness throughout the global marketplace,” the resource states. “Rather than a luxury, business aviation is an indispensable resource in managing the world’s most successful companies and ensuring they are capable of meeting the needs and expectations of their customers.”

When planning your next company trip, consider the indisputable advantages that private jet charter travel offers to you and your organization.

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